Saturday, 1 March 2014


WHOO, Although February is generally regarded as an eventful month (Chinese new year= $$$, Birthday= $$$  + Hangover + Cake/muffin tops), im so glad that the coldest month of the year is FINALLY OVER! Can't wait for the sun to come out, queue spring music.


Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Dear Birthday Fairy...

ITS MY 20th '18th' BIRTDHAYYYYY. Whoooooooooo.
Partyyy like its my birthdayyy....

SECONDLY... (to a more pressing matter)

Dear Birthday Fairy,

Please find enclosed some inspiration of what I'd like for my 20th. No pressure... just saying. 

Love always,
In my dreams.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Secret Mission 101

As you know, I'm in sunny California at the moment. Yes I deserved the holiday, but no i'm not just here for the sun; I've been sent on a very secret, dangerous mission... I'll keep you guys updated!

What I'm Listening To:  Second Chance- Peter + Bjorn and John

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

San Francisco Bound: Entry 1

2 Diet cokes, 4 bottles of water, 2 meals, 2 flights, 5351 miles away, I finally arrived to San Francisco airport. A short drive away, I find myself 'home' in the very house I spent my childhood summers in in San Jose. It wasn't a particularly pleasant flight, lets say I think the guy next to me had gastric problems! 

After having lunch at Neiman Marcus,  I managed to do a sneaky bit of shopping in San Fran. Best part of my day? A pot head with dreadlocks holding a cardboard sign with the words 'I Love You' scrawled over it asking "Can you spare me your number?". Nearly as amusing as the guy who tried to ask me out with a coaster with "call me maybe" written on it!

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Jet-setter: London --> San Francisco

Drumroll please... Tuesday January 7th, Bye bye London... Hello San Francisco!

Yes, it's only been exactly 7 days since the new year, and already I'm off to a flying start! (did you see what I did there??? Cringeeee but I do like a cheeky pun once in a while) Any-who, I miss my original home tome, San Jose (San Fran- south bay area) and my cousins... who I havent seen in exactly, 4 days (booooo). Can't wait to get my tan on and fit in a quick holiday break before university starts again... oh an of course some damage to my debit card (sorry dad in advance) #ipromiseimnotthatspoilt #ijustmissthesun. Oh Yeahhhhhhh.....

See you Londoners, I'm off! #SUCKSTOSUCK

Monday, 6 January 2014

R.I.P Debit Card- January Sales

Whats my favourite 4 letter word?
                     _ _ _ _
No other word, and I'm pretty sure I mean no other, brings me as much excitement and joy than those 4 simple letters put together. There is nothing better than spending money on a sale product... this is definitely a corporate trap because half the time I don't even need or like the things I buy on sale... but nonetheless, they were ON SALE. 
Following my last plate of my annual christmas turkey salad on Boxing Day; officially marking the end of my favourite festival of the year. I threw away the blues with my trusted friend Ben & Jerry, my debit card- thanks dad, (although I must admit cookie dough and chocolate fudge did happen as well). 
I would like to think thats my retail therapy done for the year season, but who am I kidding? But for now, rest in peace debit card.
Here's one of my favourite purchases I did last week: Stella McCartney ankle boots!

Kiss me I'm beautiful.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Week One

What a promising week it has been for me! I had the pleasure in finding out that two of my editorials have been just published: so begin the tally for 2014! I'm super glad my cousins and more importantly, my grandmother joined my family and I for the Christmas period. I love my grandma (as well as my other grandparents). Shes amazing and an inspiration- age ancient (just kidding) older, she's travelled the world, gave birth to three wonderful children, has beautiful grandchildren and recently beat cancer! Love you lots- you're amazing... even when you snore incredibly loudly at night.

She's returning back to Hong Kong with my mom at the end of next week (queue tears), but I can't wait to see her during the summer holidays as always- Dim sum and walks in the parks soon!

I've uploaded the shoot I did in brighton 'The Sweetest Thing'- KIT Magazine, earlier last year. But 'Endless Nameless'- Noctis Magazine, I shot a couple a weeks ago, so will do a post about it soon! 

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